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December 04, 2020


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7 Best Ethiopian Brands For Sustainable Fashion we loved in 2020

7 Best Ethiopian Brands For Sustainable Fashion we loved in 2020

1. Afar
Ethics | Ethically made
Product Range | Men's and women’s bags, and accessories
Price Range | $$–$$$
For those of you who turn basics into boldness, Afar is right up your alley. Their ethically-made
and affordable bags come with a twist, The bags are with fabrics dyed with pigments extracted from soil and vegetable tanned leather and their impact on the environment is therefore very small. They believe Africa is the garden of the world, is a precious asset for all of us and we
need to take care of it. It may be a drop in the ocean but it is a drop that you will notice.
2. Meron
Ethics | Ethically made
Product Range | Men's and women’s bags, and accessories
Price Range | $$–$$$
Meron by Leather Exotica is one of our all-time favorites for their affordable, on-trend bags, and for the incredible impact they have on the communities where their artisans live and work. This multiple award winning brands known and recognized for innovative entrepreneurship with a special focus on sustainability, contribution to creating new jobs and positive impact on the
community. While doing all this Meron managed to design, manufacture and distribute unique, sassy and top of the line finished leather products both for the local and international markets. 

3. Sammy Handmade
Ethics | Hand Made, eco-friendly, sustainable
Product Range | Accessories, Scarves, Home Decor, Basketry

The Sammy brand links the artisan skills of one of Africa’s most ancient civilizations with
American and European fashion know-how. The result; unique contemporary treasures, made in and out of Addis Ababa, that have already gathered fans from New York to Tokyo. What sets the Sammy line apart is sophisticated style. Featherweight scarves are hand-woven using skills known in Ethiopia for thousands of years. Sammy is self-sufficient, ethical business employing both leading local artisans and those with entry-level skills. All those working for Sammy receive a fair wage, are ensured safe working conditions.

4. Zaaf
Ethics | Ethically made eco-friendly, sustainable
Product Range | Men's and women’s bags, and accessories

ZAAF Collection is a community oriented fashion line. Its super interesting to follow their journey
products from the hands of the artisan in Ethiopia to the comfort of your home. The well
established brand is opening avenues of opportunity for talented artisans and the rest of Africa.

Zaaf offers a broad range of fashion accessories for women and men including handbags, weekend and travel accessories, scarves, leather jackets and more. Zaaf is one of the few brands that you can shop for outside Ethiopia at their recently opened store in Washington DC and online. ZAAF’s creativity has been recognized in various ways, ranging from showing up on runways at New York Fashion Week to being featured in Elle, Lucky and Vogue, and Forbes

Ethics | ethically made, Rises awareness on Child Labor Free products
Product Range | Women Clothing

Yefikir is one of the first brands by an Ethiopian female designer that channeled Ethiopian culture whilst adding modern accents and contemporary flair. This formula has made Yefikir increasingly popular locally and internationally. The beautiful, airy and flirty fabrics allow for graceful movements capturing the attention of onlookers. YEFIKIR rose to prominence in 2011, after being invited as a featured designer in an international fashion week in New York City.

6. Little Gabies
Ethics | Ethically made Baby brand
Product Range | Babies , Toddlers 
Made from 100% natural, organic cotton, these ethnic style baby blankets are literally
handcrafted in Ethiopia using traditional methods of farming, spinning, and weaving that go back
thousands of years. The brand also produces. Little Gabies’ inception rests in a deep
philosophical foundation of sustainability and environmentalism. The beautiful, cheerful and
colorful African-themed embroidery applied in the Gabies are tested for harmful substances.
Little Gabies is a trail blazing baby brand for those who are looking for well thought, well
designed even well packaged products for kids.
7. Yenea
Ethics | Ethically made Clothing brand
Product Range |Women Jewelry, accessories
Yenaé (pronounced as Ye.Nay) is an online based, high-end fashion jewelry brand influenced by
the rich culture and heritage of Africa. Yenae collections are 14K Gold or Rhodium Plated,

Hypoallergenic- Nickel & Lead Free, and Hand Polished/ Finished. Yenae being the latest addition to the Ethiopian design and fashion industry easily captured the attention and market from many nationalities. This sustainable brand very true to its heritage indeed is a testament that Ethiopian deigns are sought globally.


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Ethiopian Handwoven garments

Hand woven traditional costumes that symbolize Ethiopian multi-cultural societies: women’s dress, huts, big and small scarves, the heavier cotton shawl (Gabi ) worn by mean and women, red pattern cloak called( jano), a light cotton shawl (Kuta), Single cotton shawl (Natala with Jano), a full length embroiled dress with round waist and down the calf of indigo-colored bottom edge pattern dress worn by women ( Shemma, or Habesha Qemis,), night wear pajama, shirts, skirts, home decors (blankets, cushion covers, coach cover, table covers), pillow covers. The Muslim communities use gleaming head wear (Gufta) perhaps imported from outside world but now becomes locally producing. Cultural dresses and stylish head wears among the young women can exemplify a certain charm in Ethiopia. There are differences of wearing styles of cotton cloths between the highlanders and the lowlanders.

On the other hand, baskets, bags, rugs made of threads by hand-woven talents are also eco-friendly products, demanded at national and international markets.

Weaving is ways of life among the Dorze people. They were summoned by the emperor Menilek II in Addis Ababa to make deluxe weaving products for the royal families. Recently, the Dorze mainly Hayzo local village became the major cultural tourism attraction for its traditional costumes. The skillful master weavers of Dorze cultural cloth of Donguzza which is sophisticated colorful pattern and design made of cotton more dedicated to their clan chief and ordinaries. The color for instance, the white with edge adorned patterns (signify peace), the wide black signify the status of clan chief, the red light shawls (mixed with black and yellow) represents his guards, the thin tricolor parallel pattern represents his family.

Different designs of delighted handmade beauty cotton women dressings, cotton hand bags, T-shirts, light shawl wears, table cover sheet, neck scarves, hand bags, or packs or bag made of cotton, or instance put on show at Store251 shop in Addis Ababa, or shop online