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Ethiopian Handwoven garments

Hand woven traditional costumes that symbolize Ethiopian multi-cultural societies: women’s dress, huts, big and small scarves, the heavier cotton shawl (Gabi ) worn by mean and women, red pattern cloak called( jano), a light cotton shawl (Kuta), Single cotton shawl (Natala with Jano), a full length embroiled dress with round waist and down the calf of indigo-colored bottom edge pattern dress worn by women ( Shemma, or Habesha Qemis,), night wear pajama, shirts, skirts, home decors (blankets, cushion covers, coach cover, table covers), pillow covers. The Muslim communities use gleaming head wear (Gufta) perhaps imported from outside world but now becomes locally producing. Cultural dresses and stylish head wears among the young women can exemplify a certain charm in Ethiopia. There are differences of wearing styles of cotton cloths between the highlanders and the lowlanders.

On the other hand, baskets, bags, rugs made of threads by hand-woven talents are also eco-friendly products, demanded at national and international markets.

Weaving is ways of life among the Dorze people. They were summoned by the emperor Menilek II in Addis Ababa to make deluxe weaving products for the royal families. Recently, the Dorze mainly Hayzo local village became the major cultural tourism attraction for its traditional costumes. The skillful master weavers of Dorze cultural cloth of Donguzza which is sophisticated colorful pattern and design made of cotton more dedicated to their clan chief and ordinaries. The color for instance, the white with edge adorned patterns (signify peace), the wide black signify the status of clan chief, the red light shawls (mixed with black and yellow) represents his guards, the thin tricolor parallel pattern represents his family.

Different designs of delighted handmade beauty cotton women dressings, cotton hand bags, T-shirts, light shawl wears, table cover sheet, neck scarves, hand bags, or packs or bag made of cotton, or instance put on show at Store251 shop in Addis Ababa, or shop online

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