Made in Ethiopia

About Store251

Store251 originally based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, found in 2014 is solely an online one-stop shop for creative and original products made in Africa.

Our inspiration came from great designers and creative businesses who wanted to introduce their work to the world. We create the means for authentic design lovers from all around the world to access these amazing products with a click from their homes, office or on the go.

The backbone of our business is the dedicated suppliers that always design and showcase beautiful products for the love of their culture arts and rich traditions. As you might have already guessed most of the products are designed by men and women of all backgrounds, strong, bold and determined.

Our goal is to make Ethiopian Designed and made products available for our customers anywhere in the world.  We know everyone can’t travel to ‘Land of Origins’ so why not bring a little part of our land to your home. By the way which Ethiopian made product would you like to see in our store next time? We just might make it available for you to get it with one click saving you a flight ticket :) 

We want to thank you for shopping with us and for the details on any product of your choice to purchase just click. You will be enchanted.