Ethnically Made in Ethiopia Shipping Worldwide


Our Suppliers are our pride. They are designers from all walks of life and live in land of creativity our customers depend on to look fab. We make sure all our suppliers are conducting Ethical business. Meaning, sourcing Ethically, creating jobs and equipping young people with skills. At the end they all are making Eco-Friendly and recyclable products.

So who are they? We will try to introduce each one of them.


For those who turn basics into boldness, Afar is right up the alley. Their ethically-made and affordable bags come with a twist, the bags are with fabrics dyed with pigments extracted from soil and vegetable tanned leather and their impact on the environment is therefore very small. They believe Africa is the garden of the world, is a precious asset for all of us and we need to take care of it. It may be a drop in the ocean but it is a drop that you will notice.


Enzi is a premium footwear that seeks to challenge global perception of Africa through design artisanal production and a transparent process that exceeds international fair trade standards. Enzi’s shoes are designed by Co-Founder Jawad Brye and Made in Ethiopia, Where they source some of the world’s highest quality leather. Through developing and nearly owning the whole value chain seeking to create a successful global brand without compromising Enzi’s standards or convictions.

Felek Notebooks

Felek notebooks are inspired by Ethiopia’s long history of producing handmade books. Drawing from this rich past, we looked at the different methods of constructing notebooks and experimented with the various types of stitching, binding and cover designs, allowing us to be innovative. Combining traditional artisanship with contemporary and ecofriendly designs, Felek was born.

Leather Exotica

Established in April 2010 by Designer Meron Seid in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, the company intended to deliver high-quality leather products to the local and international market. Leather bags and Accessories are among the products that are produced under the brand. The beautiful products also were exhibited in different bazars, fashion shows and trade fairs such as “Origin Africa 2014 in Nairobi” and the International Textile Fair in Dubai, UAE in April 2015.Leather Exotica currently employs 10 full-time employees among which 5 are half women.

On March the owner and manager Meron won the 2015 ‘UNDP Young Female Entrepreneurship award Ethiopia’ where the Ethiopian Prime Minister was Present.



ZAAF Collection is a community oriented fashion line. Its super interesting to follow their journey products from the hands of the artisan in Ethiopia to the comfort of your home. The well established brand is opening avenues of opportunity for talented artisans and the rest of Africa. Zaaf offers a broad range of fashion accessories for women and men including handbags, weekend and travel accessories, scarves, leather jackets and more. Zaaf is one of the few brands that you can shop for outside Ethiopia at their recently opened store in Washington DC and online. ZAAF’s creativity has been recognized in various ways, ranging from showing up on runways at New York Fashion Week to being featured in Elle, Lucky and Vogue, and Forbs.


Sammy Handmade

The Sammy brand links the artisan skills of one of Africa’s most ancient civilizations with American and European fashion know-how. The result; unique contemporary treasures, made in and out of Addis Ababa, that have already gathered fans from New York to Tokyo. What sets the Sammy line apart is sophisticated style. Featherweight scarves are hand-woven using skills known in Ethiopia for thousands of years. Sammy is self-sufficient, ethical business employing both leading local artisans and those with entry-level skills. All those working for Sammy receive a fair wage, are ensured safe working conditions


Leleje Baby Wear

Made 100% from Ethiopian textiles offering a quality local clothing for kids complying with high level of export quality standards. The brand produces baby bodysuits made from 100% cotton and created with tender loving motherly care with cute printed Ethiopian Alphabets and graphics. The company also offers knitted products made by women from low income including single mothers and women who suffered trauma. These women use creative and traditional skills. Leleje aims preserve Ethiopian cultural values through stylish designs at the same time contributing its part for the sustainable growth of the economy.