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About Store251

Store 251 is an online shop based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, founded in August 2014. Our inspiration was the growing small to large scale designed and made Ethiopian products by our own dynamic designers and producers.

We believe these products should be marketed for the online shoppers in a way that will answer customers’ questions regarding, logistics, trust and transparency.

We also believe designers and producers should highly benefit from their work by owning their brands, financially and building their own loyal customer base or fans.

Our vision also wants to address the challenge our exported revenue is facing from time to time due to the ever changing global trading nature and the way other countries are using technology to generate foreign currency from their exported products

We believe our online store will contribute its share by bringing international online shoppers to Ethiopian Designers/Producers together through its operations.

        Benefits of selling on www.store251.com

        1. Increasing sales outlet

        2. Reaching all online shoppers anywhere in the globe

        3. Billboard effect for brands

        4. Getting Real time shoppers rating on of products

        5. Competing internationally

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